Salame Felino 10.56 oz (300 g)

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Our Handcrafted Felino Salame comes from Prosciuttificio San Michele, located in the heart of Parma.

Salame Felino IGP is a product of old tradition, never out of fashion. A pure pork salame from Felino, a small town located in the green valley in the province of Parma, full of forests where herds of pigs were raised in an ancient past and where this special aged sausage has been produced for centuries.

Salame Felino is made according to the ancient art of salame, in fact to prepare it uses pure thigh pig meat, carefully selected. The meat is mixed with salt, spices and natural aromas. The salame should contain 25-30% fat and hard fat is preferred. After the meat is coarsely ground, salt, whole peppercorns, garlic and white wine are added. The salame is then stuffed by hand into a pork casing, which gives it its characteristic uneven width. After some months of seasoning on the gut will appear the typical marks of grey-black mould. It is then aged slowly and the final product should be soft, with a sweet taste and delicate aroma. It is sold in half and in a vacuum pack so this means that it is useful for sales in a smaller number and for the creation of gift box.