Vantia, Lupini Beans 13.05 oz (370 g)

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Vantia Lupini Beans is a powerhouse of goodness that contains three times more fiber than oats, three times more plant protein than quinoa, and three times more antioxidants than berries. This traditional Italian antipasto is very popular in Italy as a nutritious treat that offers a perfectly balanced, nutty, and sweet flavor with a firm texture and meaty bite. Vantia provides perfectly cured, rinsed, and ready-to-eat Lupini beans that come in a glass jar full of 13.05 ounces of Lupini beans with salt and water. These Lupini beans are not only an excellent ready-to-eat treat but also a versatile addition to your cooking for making salads and olive blends! Make sure to peel them before weaving them into a salad or soup recipe. 

Vantia brings the delightful traditional flavors from Italy to your everyday cooking. This Italian household brand provides Italian olives, vinegar, Italian Gnocchini, pre-cooked Italian Polenta, and all kinds of traditional Italian preserves and spices made to bring convenient ingredients and authentic Italian flavors to any home-cooked dish.