Tanda e Spada Fregola Sarda Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta 1.1 lb (500 g)

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Fregula is a traditional Sardinian pasta made from durum wheat and water. It is produced in Sardinia according to traditional methods. Ideal for a varied, vegan diet. Due to its spicy, nutty taste, the Sardinian pasta is an excellent addition and ideal side dish to grilled fish, meat or vegetables.

The pearl-round pasta is formed from durum wheat semolina and water and then roasted. This gives it a special flavor. The durum wheat semolina for the Fregula Sarda Pasta grows in Abruzzo, where they know how to make very fine pasta. Wheat thrives particularly well in the salty breezes of the Adriatic and the spring water used there for further processing is clear and pure.

The small pasta spheres are similar to the Moroccan Berkoukes and the Israeli Ptitim. They are made from semolina flour and come in different sizes. Unlike other pasta, Fregula Sarda Pasta is not dried but baked.

Sardinian cuisine offers a variety of unique and delicious products. If you want to put something special on the table, Fregula Sarda Pasta is the best choice. Due to the traditional production process with bronze moulds (trafilata al bronzo), the surface of the pasta is rougher than that of conventionally produced pasta. This allows the pasta to absorb more sauce. Fregula Sarda Pasta is an integral part of the cucina sarda.

Fregula Sarda Pasta is top quality and trendy - this gives vegan dishes a special, spicy touch. It is excellent as a side dish with fish dishes, all kinds of mussels and with squid and bottarga, you can make wonderful salads with them and in soups, they are part of the Sardinian pasta everyday life. They can also be processed as risotto and in the minestrone, they provide amazing taste accents.

Fregola is a Sardinian pasta that is roasted and made in the form of small spaghetti pearls. Tradition still plays an important role in manufacturing today and relates to the region of origin of Sardinia and the production processes. Dried slowly in bronze molds, Fregola is one of the traditional pasta of Sardinia alongside Malloreddus. It is a vegan product that can be served with different sauces and side dishes. The spicy nutty taste goes very well with fish and meat as well as a dry and aromatic red wine. The traditional pasta convinces with quality, taste and healthy ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: durum wheat semolina, water,

COLOR: light yellow.

The nutty taste with pleasant spice is striking. There are also slight nuances of smoke, which are achieved by roasting the pasta. Nevertheless, the light yellow pasta is mild and is therefore ideal for a wide variety of dishes in healthy cuisine. Sardinian Fregola does not differ in preparation from other Sardinian pasta types. The cooking time is 12 minutes for a pleasantly firm bite and the full development of the nutty smoky aromas. Two breezes of salt underline the aroma and let the taste of Sardinia melt on the tongue. If the pasta is to be prepared a little bite-proof, 10 minutes of cooking is sufficient. The same should be noted if you swirl the small pasta balls in a sauce after cooking and thus extend the cooking time.

With one pack you choose 500g Fregola with a shipping weight of 0.6 kg including packaging. This pasta has a diameter of 0.25cm and is shipped in its original packaging. The Fregula Sarda Pasta consists of durum wheat grown in Sardinia, which is processed into semolina and mixed with water. From the day of dispatch, the pasta is stable and aromatic for twelve weeks. The absence of flavor enhancers and preservatives allows the taste of nature to come into its own and contributes to the tolerance of Sardinian pasta.