Rosara, Pardina Lentils in Brine 23.3oz (660g)

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Pardina Lentils are some of the most prized legumes in the world for cooking. These small round brown lentils are known for holding their shape well when cooked. And that rings true in this unique product from Rosara.

These lentils have been grown, harvested, and preserved according to the most traditional Spanish farming techniques. As a result, the beans are incredibly tender and delicious.

To use, avoid stirring the lentils. Instead, gently empty the jar into a dish and heat through. Salt at the end to avoid over-seasoning. You can enjoy the brine as well, which is naturally flavorful and only made from water, salt, and lentils. 

Rosara is a popular brand of Spinach packaged products, including canned soups, tapas, and other pantry staples.