Rosara Chickpeas in Brine 23.3oz (660 g)

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These Spanish chickpeas are cooked and preserved in a simple brine to preserve their natural flavor. They are grown, harvested, and preserved by Rosara according to traditional farming and preservation techniques.

You can taste the care in the tenderness of the white beans. The skin is left on the beans to preserve flavor and texture, and as a result, the taste is only of the chickpeas and nothing else. We love eating chickpeas in hearty, flavorful stews with chorizo, as well as tossed into a salad.

These legumes are cooked without any added preservatives or additives, just water, and salt from the Pyrenees springs of Salinas de Oro (Navarre).

Rosara is a popular brand of Spinach packaged products, including canned soups, tapas, and other pantry staples.