Rigoni di Asiago, Nocciolata Dairy free Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa, 9.52oz (270g)

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This luscious organic spread from Rigoni di Asiago’s label, Nocciolata, is made from hazelnuts and cocoa. It’s the perfect sweet addition to lactose-intolerant and vegan diets.

This aromatic spread doesn’t contain palm oil or any additional preservatives but still delivers moreish tastiness with just a spoonful. Nocciolata uses the finest Tonda Romana hazelnuts, a delicious variety of Italian origin, that stand out with their intense nutty taste and persistent aroma. To discover more luscious spreads, of hazelnuts or pistachio, scroll through our selection of spreads & fudges, and choose your favorite flavor.

Rigoni di Asiago’s story began in 1923 with a passion for everything natural. That’s why the company has only been using the finest organic ingredients to offer its loyal customers superior taste and quality. While conquering millions of hearts in Italy, Rigoni di Asiago has proved that choosing organic doesn’t mean compromising flavor! After getting to know the extensive range of Rigoni di Asiago, you can always shop for more flavors in our Italian grocery store online! 

With its unmatched versatility, this jar of Nocciolata spread is bound to take its well-deserved place on your pantry shelf. Add it to your granola or cookie recipes to fully indulge your taste buds with nutty aromas!

  • Ingredients: Cane sugar*, Hazelnut paste*, Sunflower oil*, Cocoa powder*, Cocoa butter*, Sunflower lecithin, Vanilla extract*. *Organic. Contains hazelnut. IT MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF OTHER NUTS. Do not refrigerate
  • Product Weight: 9.5 oz
  • Product of Italy