Pecorino Romano Fulvi Quarter wheel DOP pack 1 x 16 lb (approx)

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Pecorino Romano is a sharp cheese from Italy

This hard sheep's milk cheese pairs well with charcuterie board meats.

Grated Pecorino Romano is perfect for classic Italian dishes like cacio e pepe.

Made from the milk of sheep from only a few specific regions of Italy, Locatelli Pecorino Romano is a hard cheese with a sharp, strong flavor that's perfect for cheese boards. Grate this Italian cheese over pasta, salad, or soup. Or use it to top a variety of other Italian recipes.

Appreciate the pungent aroma and intense taste of this Pecorino Romano on its own or alongside other types of cheese. Or serve it on a wooden cutting board alongside dried fruit, cured meat, or fresh bread with olive oil.

16 lb.