Pecorino Peppato pack 1 x 11 lb aprox

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Black Pepper gives this Pecorino Cheese a refreshing bite

This authentic Italian cheese is made in Sicily.

A cheese made from sheep milk, this peppery pecorino pairs well with cured Italian meats on a charcuterie board.

Sifor Pecorino Pepato With Black Pepper is a young Sicilian cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and flavored with black peppercorn. This aromatic Italian pecorino siciliano cheese is soft and mild, and crafted according to Sicilian cheese-making tradition.

Try this bold pecorino on a charcuterie platter with crackers, salami, and olives. Grate this peppery cheese over a cacio e pepe or another pasta dish to add an extra bite to the recipe. Or sample it on a cheese board alongside similar types of cheese such as pecorino romano and parmigiano reggiano.

Sheep's Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes, Black Peppers

11 lbs aprox

Product of Italy