Osti Original Cheese Cutter with White Plastic Handle

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  • This is the original double-stringed cheese slicer, invented in Denmark back in 1963 by a family-owned company who believe that hand-sliced cheese just tastes better, and although the design has been tweaked slightly to bring it up to date, it remains faithful to its classic appearance. Made from stainless steel with a polypropylene handle, it produces both thick and thin slices, can handle most types of firm and semi-firm cheese including cheddar, gouda and emmental and is simple to clean.
  • A great addition to a cheese platter, this handy tool makes it easy to portion your favorite cheeses into thick or thin, uniform slices. The stainless steel wire cutter glides cleanly through your favorite firm cheeses.
  • The OSTI Original come in a large variety of classic colors making it the not only a superior cheese tool, but also an aesthetically pleasing design icon perfect for every home.
  • For optimum performance of your OSTI Original, use OSTI Original replacement slicing wires. Our high-quality stainless-steel replacement slicing wires come in resealable packages of 3. The wires can easily be replaced in just seconds without the use of any tools.
  • All Osti Products works with semi-hard and hard cheeses and are of course dishwasher safe. Osti – Original since 1963