Ortiz, Anchovies in Olive Oil 3.3 oz (95 g)

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Since 1891, five generations of the Ortiz family have overseen the business started by Bernardo Ortiz de Zarate, continuing to advance the artisanal and traditional fishing and processing techniques for which the Ortiz brand is known. The painstaking respect for tradition by workers whose parents and grandparents performed the same tasks for the generations of Ortiz owners is still followed closely today.

Tender and meaty with a mild, clean flavor, Ortiz Anchovies are caught close to the coast in the Bay of Biscay off the Northern Coast of Spain. Once the anchovies reach port, they are placed in barrels where they are left to mature for six months. It in only then that they are de-boned and filleted by hand one-by-one, and packaged in olive oil for preservation. Beautifully presented in a glass jar with Persil, (jar with fork), Ortiz anchovies are a lovely gift for anyone who likes to cook, adding depth of flavor to sauces, salads, soups and stews.