Mutti Pelati Peeled Whole Tomatoes 14 oz (400 g)

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Italy’s centuries-old tradition of turning tomato and tomato products into delectable, globally celebrated dishes is nothing new. The nation has been utilizing this brilliant fruit for its best benefit for ages, hence the demand for authentic Italian tomato products. Mutti 100% Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes are firm, fleshy, and plump offering a delicate flavor, dual texture, and a natural vibrant red color. This Non-GMO product is ideal for a range of recipes like soups, stews, and sauces. Perfect Marinara sauce base for Neapolitan pizza or an everyday sauce in a BLT sandwich. This product contains no additives or preservatives and is Kosher certified.
Mutti has been providing families with the finest quality tomatoes for over 120 years now. Thanks to Mutti’s founder, Giovanni Mutti, who invented the crop rotation technique in tomato farming, the company continues producing only natural products.