Mulino Bianco Campagnole con Farina di Riso Cookies 24.7 oz (700 g)

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Mulino Bianco Campagnole shortbread cookies are special treats made of creamy rice pudding, resulting in a unique texture and delicate, rustic flavor. With their fragrant aroma and classic shape, Campagnole biscuits are nutritious snacks that will conquer your taste buds in no time!

Italian breakfast, also known as prima colazione (in Italian), mainly consists of Italian coffee, cookies, and pastries. Although the concept of cookies for breakfast sounds odd to many, almost every Italian household has them stocked up in their pantry, but not just any cookie! To discover Italy’s favorite breakfast biscuits as well as traditional Italian varieties such as Cantuccini (Biscotti, meaning “twice-baked”), Baci di Dama (“lady’s kisses”), crispy amaretti, meaning “amaro” in reference to the bitter almonds they contain, check out our selection of Italian cookies!

Mulino Bianco has been Italy’s favorite breakfast tradition for over 45 years now! Established in Emilia-Romagna in 1974, this brand has become one of the most beloved producers of cookies, crackers, and other special treats that deliver a combination of flavor, uniqueness, and nutritional value. The brand was launched by a well-known family-owned company Barilla, an international leader in the markets of Italian bakery products as well as pasta and ready-made sauces all across Europe. From harvesting ingredients to packing the cookies in recycled paper, Mulino Bianco ensures the best quality and taste to provide biscuits that every Italian loves. A wide assortment of Mulino Bianco products and other Italy’s favorites products can be found in our online Italian grocery store!

Campagnole cookies by Mulino Bianco are light and crumbly biscuits ideal for those looking for a healthy breakfast treat to accompany a cup of hot coffee, tea or dunk them in a glass of milk. Brought to you in a large family-size pack, these sweet delights are made for sharing with loved ones!

•Natural breakage may occur during transit.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Pasteurized Milk, Wheat Starch, Rice Flour, Butter Eggs, Leavening Agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Salt, Artificial Flavor
May contain tree nuts and soy

Product Weight: 24.7 oz (700g)

Product of Italy