Monograno Felicetti Matt Conchiglioni Ancient Wheat Variety 17.6oz (500 g)

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Matt Durum wheat conchiglioni pasta is a unique noodle option you’ll love for its signature flavor profile and firm al dente texture. Felicetti has earned a reputation for its rich and flavorful Italian pasta varieties. Favoring ancient and hard-to-find grains, they combine classic pasta shapes with unusual grains to create a uniquely tasty pasta in a familiar form.

Using only the best, Felicetti spares no effort when it comes to sourcing premium local ingredients. Many of the farms from which they aquire their grains have been used for generations. Combining the clear spring water of the Val di Fiemme and organic, local grains to create wholesome, authentic Italian pasta, the resulting noodles are much more than the sum of their parts.

Just as wine has terroir depending on where it’s grown, grains boast different tastes depending upon the region they’re from. After years of testing, Felicetti found that the best Matt wheat came from Puglia and Sicily. This special variety of Durum wheat is described as tasting like freshly baked bread with an aromatic quality akin to dried coconut. This special single-varietal offers a delicious profile and a hearty al dente “bite” that will immediately make it a favorite.

Ingredients: Organic Matt durum wheat semolina, water.