Masseria Mirogallo, King Trumpet Mushrooms in EVOO 6.52 oz (185 gr)

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Funghi Cardoncelli, also known as King Trumpet Mushrooms, are so named because they grow wild on the roots of cardo selvatico, a wild thistle. A member of the oyster mushroom family, Cardoncelli are prized for their firm, meaty texture and delicate earthy flavor. The greatest spontaneous and cultivated production of Cardoncelli occurs in the Murge hills between Basilicata and Puglia, a region known for being “the cradle” of this mushroom.


Masseria Mirogallo works with a neighboring farm that specializes in funghi to cultivate the Cardoncelli for their preserved mushrooms. The Mirogallo team takes the freshly hand-harvested mushrooms, cuts them into thick pieces by hand, quickly blanches them in wine vinegar, and finally marinates them in the family's own extra virgin olive oil. This way, the Cardoncelli retain their hearty, meaty texture and umami flavor, with a subtle pickled acidity. 

Masseria Mirogallo's Cardoncelli are the perfect addition to antipasti feasts. Pair with a variety of salumi, cheeses, and other marinated vegetables such as Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Termiti Olives. The succulent meatiness of these preserved mushrooms adds a pleasurable bite to any dish, especially vegetarian or vegan mains.  Add the mushrooms to salads or grain bowls, use as a topping for focaccia or pizza, or roughly chop and toss with pasta. Try layering them into a grilled panino with fontina or making a frittata. Be sure to use the mushroom-infused oil—spoon the mushrooms along with the oil over grilled pork chops or sliced steak.