Marchesi Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.45 fl oz (250 ml)

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Rich garlic taste, and post dinner smoochies!

The Marchesi family has done an exceptional job in infusing garlic juices and slices of dried garlic, into their award winning extra virgin olive oil, from the ColliSabina in between Umbria and Lazio.

When you want garlic and require those post dinner smoochies, this is an extra virgin that can deliver that. This is a great way too to make delicious roasted garlic bread; slice baguettes, set oven for 350F sprinkle with this extra virgin toast until golden brown, top with freshly chopped parsley, and voila, yummies and smoochies together.

This also pairs very nicely with the Pepperoncino extra virgin olive oil and makes a great combo on sautéed spinach, top with goat cheese and toasted almonds. Use as you would fresh garlic, and make sure to share smoochies while cooking together in your kitchen, it makes everything taste better!