Mamma Emma Potato Gnocchi Stuffed with Asiago Cheese and Porcini Mushrooms 12.4 oz (350 g)

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An appetizing filling, full of flavor.

To bring goodness to your tables we study the best combinations. The mamma emma gnocchi with PDO Asiago cheese and seasonal porcini mushrooms are a real delicacy enriched by the taste of two extraordinary ingredients.

The ingredients of our gnocchi with Asiago DOP cheese and porcini mushrooms are:

  • pasta ingredients (84%): steamed potatoes 71%, type “0” wheat flour, eggs, salt, sunflower oil.
  • stuffing ingredients (16%): Asiago DOP (milk, salt, rennet) 38%, ricotta cheese spread (ricotta 98% (whey, cream, salt), whey protein concentrate, lactic ferments ), porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) 21%, potato starch, concentrated extract of porcini mushrooms.