Lucedio Carnaroli Rice 1.1lb (500gr)

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The King of Italian Rice Makes Ultra Creamy Risotto

Carnaroli rice—hailed as the "king of Italian rice" and beloved by chefs around the world—has a higher starch content and firmer texture resulting in a rich, velvety bowl of risotto. The long oval-shaped grains plump beautifully when cooked while still retaining their al dente bite.

Achieve creamy risotto perfection in 5 simple steps with our 5-Step Risotto recipe. Once you master the technique for this basic risotto, the possibilities are endless—add lemon zest and finish with Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil for vibrant Risotto al Limone, fold in chopped black truffles and grated Pecorino Staginato al Tarufo cheese for indulgent Risotto con Tarfufo or add saffron for classic Risotto alla Milanese.