Germain, Triple Crème Triple Cream Soft Cheese 6.3 oz (180 g)

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Gold Medal Award Winning Cow's Milk :: crafted by Germain, a fine fromagerie founded in 1921, this Triple Crème is a cheese made from cow’s milk and has an extremely soft, fluffy, creamy center. Its softness is explained by the addition of cream to the milk during the production of the cheese. Under its white bloomy rind, this Triple Crème reveals a gooey and creamy center after you let it sit out for a minimum of one hour (two hours is even better). It has a delicate buttery texture and a delicious, indulgent flavor. 

Le Triple Crème is renowned for its quality, thanks to medals won during national and international competitions (WCA, CGA). A red Nuits Saint Georges will be an ideal match for your Triple Crème cheese, or another red Burgundy or even a Rosé Champagne.  Ingredients : cultured pasteurized milk (Origin: France), pasteurized cream, salt, enzymes.