Ferrero Kinder Plum Cake Yogurt alla Greca Greek Yogurt 6.77 oz (192 g)

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A great classic reinterpreted in a modern key, with selected ingredients and without preservatives and colourings

There are aromas and flavors that are known to everyone: like that of a freshly baked plumcake. Tradition and innovation meet in the latest Kinder novelty, which reinterprets a great classic in a modern key: Kinder Plumcake prepared with Greek Yogurt arrives.

Greek Yogurt is in fact characterized by a production technique that differs from that used for traditional yogurt: it is subjected to a process called "pouring" which allows the excess whey to be removed, obtaining a concentrated yogurt with a thicker consistency. Soft, thanks to cooking in a tray and to the dough prepared with Greek Yogurt, which with its thick and creamy consistency helps to offer an even more satisfying taste experience. The goodness and experience of the Kinder brand meet the refined taste and unique consistency of Greek Yogurt: Kinder Plumcake, the new delicious snack for breakfast for the whole family.

Made with expertly selected ingredients: free-range eggs, milk, flour, sugar and yoghurt. Without preservatives and dyes. All the goodness of Kinder for the first time in a Plumcake, prepared with 10% strained yoghurt according to the Greek recipe. The choice of Greek Yogurt represents a differentiating element, further confirming the brand's constant attention to the quality of the ingredients and the selection of raw materials.