Sal de Ibiza Fleur de Sel Ceramic Pot 4.94 oz (140 g)

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Fleur de Sel, the purest of all salts, is left untouched by any kind of refining, and retains more than 80 essential minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, fluoride, selenium and iodine. This one, from the Ibiza coast of Spain, is bright white, occasionally with a pink shimmer. Being "fresh" salt and hand-harvested, it is always slightly moist and remains best when kept in the same state. Its taste is very subtle yet aromatic. When the crystals dissolve in your mouth, you will appreciate how salt should and used to taste.

We reach for this salt often, and sprinkle liberally over vine-ripened tomatoes, salads, grilled vegetables, risottos and pastas. Exquisitely packaged in a lovely ceramic jar with salt spoon, the salt is gift-worthy and will make a beautiful addition to any cook's kitchen.



Ibiza, Spain


100% natural sea salt


150 grams