Alce Nero Organic, Borlotti Beans 10.6 oz (300 g)

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Cooked Borlotti beans by Alce Nero are red-fleshed beans, similar to Cannellini. These colorful organic beans have subtly sweet, nutty flavor and creamy texture. 

Heirloom Borlotti beans are loved in Italy, especially in the Northern region of the country. These nutty, colorful beans are one of the essential ingredients of fabled Pasta e Fagioli - a traditional pasta soup with Borlotti beans, also known as Pasta Fasul. Despite a meatless recipe, this dish is an excellent source of protein and iron, thanks to nutritious Borlotti beans. 

Alce Nero has been delivering premium quality pantry staples since 1978! Dedicated to organic farming, this Italian brand managed to steal the spotlight with its extensive selection of unmatched quality essentials, ranging from organic Borlotti beans to Farro fusilli pasta and everything in between! 

To cook the perfect Pasta e Fagioli, you will need cooked Borlotti beans by Alce Nero, pasta ditalini, seasoning, and fresh produce - tomatoes, yellow onions, carrots, garlic, celery, and parsley - and you’re all set!