O-Med Yuzu Agridulce Vinegar Condiment 8.50 fl oz (250ml)

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A delicious cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with Japanese Yuzu citrus. Add a unique flavor to soups, ceviches, homemade pasta, or cocktails. Yuzu has lower acidity and more stimulating aromatic compounds than our western citrus, and it is successful in almost any application. Its citric acidity allows us to use it in nearly any application similar to orange, lime, and lemon, enhancing the flavor of everything, from jams to sorbets to crab or white fish dishes. Add a unique flavor to homemade chocolate. It is an essential ingredient in the Japanese Ponzu sauce.

If you’re not familiar with yuzu, this wonderful Asian citrus brings together the fragrance of Meyer lemons, the tartness of lime and the bittersweet depth of grapefruit.