CasArrigoni Roccolino del Mediterraneo Cheese Refined with Rosemary ∼0.90 lb (∼408 g)

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Product features:

Ranging across the Lombard pastures of the Po valley to land on the Mediterranean coasts. This happens when we taste this cheese.

With its dense and compact texture, white and crumbly, we immerse ourselves completely in the duplicity of pungent smells and aftertastes full of aromas of the Mediterranean coasts without ever giving up the soft and delicate taste of the milk of our plains.

The meeting of these two worlds, which takes place thanks to the olive oil with which the small wheel is treated, then immersed in the dried rosemary leaves, is to be equated to a journey with surprising implications.

To be tasted in combination with white, light, fruity and aromatic wines. Combined with fresh foods and salads in combination with natural bread and breadsticks, without aromas.

Ingredients: MILK, salt, rennet. Subsequent refinement with Rosemary