Antica Pasta di Campofilone Egg Fettucine with Truffle 8.8 oz (250 g)

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Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone


The package contains 250 grams of Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone which is enough for about 2 people. Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is easy to use and is suitable for all your favorite meat or fish dishes. The cooking time is approximately 3 minutes and the pasta adheres well to the pasta sauce.


Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is made in a traditional way from Durum wheat semolina, eggs, and dehydrated powdered black truffle. It is known for its high quality and is served in several star restaurants. The pasta is suitable for all your favorite pasta recipes. Easy to use, quick to cook and delicious to eat!



Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is characterized by short cooking time, intense taste and a high content of nutrients. The egg paste from Antica Pasta has a classic flat and narrow format. It is drawn on bronze plates, rolled out on sheets of pure cellulose paper and dried at low temperatures. Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is an ideal combination with fresh tomato sauce, sauces with vegetables and herbs.