Adamas Pink Premium Italian Oscetra Caviar

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Osetra Caviar is one of the highest-priced varieties of caviar, eclipsed in cost only by the Beluga and Sevruga varieties. It is harvested from the Ossetra sturgeon, but it has been extirpated from the last and it is predicted that the remaining natural population will follow soon due to overfishing. It is considered critically endangered by the IUCN and international trade in this species (including its caviar) is restricted by CITES under Appendix II.

Ossetra caviar is a real treat for caviar connoisseurs. Small-medium pearlescent beads have a distinct taste that is only characteristic of this species. Osetra is most known by more experienced consumers. Because of its high price, Osetra caviar can be suggested as an aperitif for a small group or an exclusive event for a few select guests. It is an excellent choice for a high-end restaurant or wine bar but be aware that its naturally soft eggshell does not follow the typical textural descriptions of high-quality caviar. Best served alone on a Mother of Pearl spoon or a Blini. Best pairs with champagne Brut or Blanc de Blanc (dry white sparkling wine). 

Distinguished smooth, crisp, nutty with sweet ocean flavor; Aromatic and savory taste, appreciated for its keen yet warm and iodized taste. Medium to small size pearls.


Origin: Italy
Type: Farmed
Species: Oscetra Sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii)
Roe Size: Medium (3 mm in diameter)
Color: Carbon grey ,Pearl Grey to Amber
Flavor: The unmistakable soft almost nutty taste. Fresh final aromatic note. Shelf Life: Three months refrigerated
Store temperature: 32°F- 36°F