Mad Rose Mieli D'Autore Agrumi Honey 8.80 oz (250 g)

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The Agrumi (Citrus Blossom) honey from Andrea Bianco is sourced from bees working the slopes of Mount Etna near the village of Zafferana. There are groves of citrus trees full of lemon and orange and tangerine which the bees work for the pollen and nectar. The aromatics of this honey are splendid as the bouquet mimics that of the fresh zest of each of the citrus varieties. There is a bright acidity on the palate while the texture can be crunchy with crystallization mixed with a thick, sometimes almost taffy-like, density. The Agrumi is nicely spreadable on toast and marries well with fresh ricotta, fromage blanc and young goat cheeses. A spoonful in the early morning is a wake-up call and bountiful energy source.