La Favorita, Crema di Carciofi e Aglio Artichoke and Garlic Cream 6.35 oz (180 g)

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A delicate artichoke cream based on olive oil, flavored with garlic.

The secret of the taste
The cream is made of carefully selected artichoke hearts. The favorite Italian vegetable delicately spiced with garlic was noticed in 2000 at the famous New York Fancy Food Show, where the cream with artichokes and garlic produced by La Favorita was awarded a golden statuette.

La Favorita Fish produces preserves according to the old, simple recipes of a country kitchen, using natural ingredients. All products are processed and then stored using methods that keep the product's aroma and freshness without the addition of dyes and preservatives.

Crema di Carciofi e Aglio is a delicious sauce for warm, crispy grilled slices of bread. It is easy to prepare a tasty sauce for pasta and salads on the basis of the cream.

Ingredients: artichokes 60%, olive oil, garlic 4%, sea salt.