Galateo Apple Dressing Agro di Pomi 8.45 fl oz (250 ml)

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Galateo apple vinegar dressing is a refreshing, delicately sweet yet sour Italian condiment with an enticing golden hue and well-rounded flavor profile. It’s made by combining high-quality apple vinegar with apple must and fermenting naturally, before being transferred to oak barrels for at least three additional months, developing an even more mature taste! 

Traditionally, apple vinegar is made simply by fermenting the juice of the apples by adding a bit of yeast which will feed off of the sugar in the juice, until the acidic taste we’re all familiar with starts to take hold through the development of some good bacteria! Apple cider vinegars can be raw (unfiltered) or filtered - meaning that the former still has the “mother,” a.k.a all the good bacteria in it, while in the latter, it has been removed.