Alma Gourmet, White Truffle Cream 0.88 oz (25 g)

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  • White truffle cream

If you love truffles, you should not miss this White Truffle Cream! The White Truffle Cream Tube is made of 89% white truffle making it a very fine cream of pure white truffle.White Truffle Cream Tube stands for quality and is free of flavors or superfluous additives. Particularly noteworthy is the unusually high proportion of truffles for such sauces, over 89% (usually only 0.2% - max 5% and additional flavor).A pleasure for every taste!

Excellent for bruschetta and antipasti, or as a spice for pasta dishes, grilled meat or fish. White Truffle Cream Tube is a composition of the taste-rich noble White Truffles and a cream sauce. It adds a unique flavor to your dishes.As with truffle oil or truffle honey, and almost everyday truffle ingredient becomes something special. The truffle cream is a convenient way to experience the delicious taste of truffles. It enriches hearty dishes and provides the perfect basis for sauces.

The exquisite white truffle cream ( white truffle cream ) in olive oil, with salt and aromas, is available in 25 grams of glasses; The cream is excellent to prepare the dishes of the first course and main meat dishes.


  • White truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) 89%,
  • Sunflower oil or olive oil,
  • Salt,
  • Flavors.
  • May contain: Milk from UE


The proper storage of the truffle cream should always be observed so that the taste is preserved and you can enjoy the product as long as possible. If the glass has broken, it should be used up within a few days. But if you want to pick up the rest, it is recommended to cover the cream with a small layer of oil and store it in the refrigerator. If possible, this should be a low-flavored oil so as not to alter the taste of the truffle cream.

Preservation of the White Truffle Cream Tube: Store before opening the tube at room temperature. After opening, top up the truffle cream residue in the glass with olive oil and store in the refrigerator.

What fits the truffle cream?

With their fine taste and unmistakable aroma, the White Truffle Cream goes well with hearty dishes. Even a delicious fresh bread with the truffle cream as a spread to a small delicacy. Complemented with a good piece of cheese and a sip of wine, you will be able to create a great starter or a delicious dessert. But also in the main course, you can use the White Truffle Cream. To a sauce made with pasta, truffle noodles, or in addition to a piece of meat, the White Truffle Cream works great.

Do not cook the cream, just warm it slightly so that the truffle flavor is not lost. We recommend 10-12 grams of truffle cream per person.

Buy truffle cream

When buying the truffle cream you should always pay attention to the exact ingredients. With the price differences often varies the quality of the product. Some creams are supplemented with Parmesan or similar cheeses. Therefore, you should pay close attention to what you want to prepare with the cream and whether the appropriate flavor nuances also fits your project.

Special attention should be paid to the added flavors. With White Truffle Cream you will not find one, because the individual ingredients of the truffle cream are in the optimal case already such a taste experience. In addition to the food used, the relationship between them also plays a major role. Of course, this initially affects the taste, but the price also depends on these factors.