Adoro, Calamarata Pasta 1.1 lb (500 g)

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From what does the name "calamarata" derive? It derives from the similarity that this format has with the squid rings with which it is usually seasoned.

The calamarata, in fact, in addition to being a pasta format, is a tasty fish dish typical of Neapolitan cuisine. Once cooked al dente, the pasta is seasoned with squid and cherry tomato sauce, where the fish rings are confused with those of pasta, embracing each other in a round of flavours with the scent of the sea.

The Calamarata Adoro is the result of a careful selection of Italian semolina, which combined with water gives life to our dough. The same mixture which, passing through our bronze dies, will then be dried slowly at low temperatures. The Adoro artisanal calamarata lends itself more to seafood condiments.