HIC Dual Action Knife Sharpener

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Cutlery-Pro's Dual Action Knife Sharpener easily maintains cutlery with a perfectly sharp edge for superior and long-lasting knife performance. It's specially designed to sharpen all types of knives in just seconds, including straight and serrated blades.

Use the carbide insert to set an edge and the ceramic for a razor-sharp finish. The easy-grip handle and non-slip base keep it in place on the counter during use. A safety guard helps protect fingers as sharp blades are drawn through the sharpener. Quickly sharpen both straight and serrated blades. Works for left- and right-handed users.

Compact to store easily nearby for easy access. No more dull knives or torn foods. Simply hold the Knife Sharpener's non-slip handle against the work surface. Using even pressure, pull the knife blade through the carbide (coarse) insert 3 to 6 times, following along the contour of the blade's edge from base to tip. This removes some of the steel to set a new edge. Next, pull the blade through the ceramic (fine) insert 1 to 2 times to refine the blade's new edge. Wash the blade to remove any remaining metal fragments before use.

Since 1981, Cutlery-Pro has been manufacturing professional chef knives of the highest quality and producing the broadest line of cutlery for professional chefs worldwide. This tradition of excellence in material and workmanship is now available to the home chef. Made with carbide and ceramic inserts, Cutlery-Pro's Dual Action Knife Sharpener is durable and comfortable to use with a safety guard and non-slip base. Wipe with a clean cloth after each use.