Nat Hey Paella with Dehydrated Vegetables Kit with Paella Pan

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This kit comes with a 10-inch paella pan (paellera).

Your perfect pack to prepare a vegetable paella (for two people) in just 18 minutes. No additives, preservatives, added sugar or salt and no gluten.

It contains everything you need: polished paella, 1 sachet with 30g dehydrated vegetables, 1 sachet of 160g rice and 1 bottle olive oil.

How to use it is very simple:

  1. Add the oil to the paella and heat over medium heat
  2. Add the contents of the sachet of dehydrated vegetables and sauté (without stopping stirring). After 3 minutes, add the rice and continue to stir for 2 minutes.
  3. Pour 500 ml of water and cook at medium intensity until the water is absorbed (approximately 15 minutes).

Ingredients: rice, extra virgin olive oil, cauliflower, beans, tomato, pepper, carrot, leek, parsnip, nabicol and paprika.